Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rock Stars' Rockin' BNR!

Come join us today (February 22nd) for the first EVER Rock Stars' Rockin' BNR!!!
Sure to be the start of something HUGE! We are going to be running contests for spots every week. It's going to be a blast.

This first ever BNR for the Etsy Rock Stars team begins at 3pm EST and runs through 11pm.

You can find a preview of some of the Rock Stars that are included in this premiere team BNR here:

And also the coupon codes for sales and specials in the shops.

When the BNR opens it will also be posted here.

Come join us early and win a free spot in one of our contests!!!
✩Free spot for the first two people to get 10 referrals after BNR opens.

✩Free spot for the first two people to spend $8 before shipping on a purchase after BNR opens

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Etsy Rock Stars Feature Friday

Today's Feature Friday is....

Beautiful Swag Store - Springfield/Nixa MO - Hair Accessories, Home Decor, Supplies (quilting scrapbooking (coming soon))

✩✩✩ What is/was your inspiration?
My family's needs. No Seriously, the need to have something that looked like the most expensive item in a store without the cost. 

✩✩✩ What is your favorite media and why?
All of them! Ha gotcha. I think silk flowers and fabric at the moment. 

✩✩✩ Where would you like to see yourself 5/10 years from now in this project?
Making a descent income off my shop that I can justify staying at home even after the kids are off to college.

✩✩✩ What has been your biggest challenge with your shop?
Adversting and family support

✩✩✩ Do you have any keys of success to share?
Good pictures, good descriptions, and great tagging. Ask for help if you suck at it, like I do.
Always check with your local school district or school. You maybe able to do a fundraiser for them and still make money. Always get payment first even if it is a deposit.

✩✩✩ Tell us one crazy thing about yourself.
I love all types of music. No seriously, you would think I am this straight lace probably country loving person. I love all types of music. Pull up my itunes for a shock! 

✩✩✩ What is something you would love to learn how to do?
a second language and to relearn american sign language

✩✩✩ What has been your favorite project so far?
Working with the Diamond Canyon Cheer Coach, Fall 2010 
Psst, she has a shop on etsy too! (hint hint we should invite her)

✩✩✩ What is one thing you love to do to unwind?
hot baths when the tub is big enough or hot showers with great body wash and acne fighting soap that doesn't further mess up my skin. Candles that smell good burning or not. 

✩✩✩You can find and follow Beautiful Swag Store at the following links✩✩✩ 

Google +: Sam Barrett or Beautiful Swag Store (circle them both)



Pinterest: beautifulswagst (will be creating a board called rock stars)

facebook: Sam Barrett and Beautiful Swag Store (friend me on Sam Barrett then like the business page big giveaway coming)



I hope you stop by and check out all of this fantastic shop!

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