Thursday, January 12, 2012

Etsy Rock Stars Feature Friday

Hello all you ROCKIN' people that have been awesome enough to check out our blog. We have started a new "Feature Friday" for the Etsy Rock Stars team.

I'm really excited to spotlight these very talented people and let them tell us a little about themselves and what they do best.

I hope you all enjoy this Feature Friday and keep coming back to check out all of the great people we're lucky enough to be teammates with.

Today's Feature Friday is.....

Angie from Crimson Hill Soaps & Scents
They are based out of the Greater Kansas City Area

✩✩✩What was/is your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from my kids' sensitive skin.
From the age of 1, my daughter has had trouble with any store-bought creme, lotion, balme, etc. and she is now 9 years old. A friend suggested I try natural soap. It helped within days and I knew this would be something we would always have to use. From that point, I started researching how to make my own natural soap. It took several attempts to get a batch that even resembled soap, but now we have refined our recipes down to perfection!

✩✩✩What is your favorite media and why?
My favorite "media" is natural ingredients! All of my soaps are natrual and I like to blend unique natural ingredients )lavender, apricot seeds, pumpkin flakes, milks, hone, oats, etc.)into our soaps to create a truly pampering bar.

Source: via Shanna on Pinterest

✩✩✩Where would you like to see yourself 5/10 years from now in this project?
In 5-10 years...okay, closer to 10 kids will be college-bound and independent and I really hope to have my own local shop! Right now I am having too much fun coaching sports, helping at school, assisting with Girl Scouts, etc. to be tied down to a retail shop and the hours it demands.

✩✩✩What has been your biggest challenge with your shop?
My biggest challenge has been time and space...not having enough of either!
Being a busy Mom and business owner, there just isn't enough time in the day to complete every task every day. My family is very understanding that running my business takes hard work and that means lots of computer time!
My second challenge is space. My materials slowly creep out of the 2 rooms that are designated to just running my business. We are currently doing a major organizing overhaul in our home to help with growing inventory, raw materials, and supplies. 

Source: via Shanna on Pinterest

✩✩✩Do you have any keys of success to share?
Keys to success...patience, risk-taking and tireless research
Patience: Running in a business is the hardest, most rewarding thing I have ever done. Creating products is the easy part for me...I am never short on ideas! The time consuming process and where I need to inject patience is the countless hours and brainpower I spend photographing, packaging, marketing, promoting and selling my items!

Risk-Taking: Calculated risk-taking is a part of my business plan always will be. Risk is, well, risky...but it can be very profitable and rewarding when done right! I just opened a second Etsy shop as part of my business plan for 2012. CrimsonHillDesignsKS

Research: In my area of expertise, there are so many variables to consider. I deal with natural ingredients constantly in my soaps and bath & body products. I have to stay educated on safety issues, healing benefits and trends to be on top of my selling game.

Source: via Shanna on Pinterest

✩✩✩Tell us one crazy thing about yourself.
 One crazy thing about me....where do I begin! I love sports and played volleyball and softball in college and still love to play catch with my husband in our yard! I am terrified of snakes. I don't eat the stringy things on bananas. I can't eat meat off a bone ( think chicken legs or ribs). I am super-sentimental and keep everything my hubby and kids give to me. I am a clean-freak and organizational junkie.

✩✩✩What is something you would love to learn how to do?
 I would love to learn how to create wire-wrapped jewelry. I think it is so unique and beautiful!

✩✩✩What has been your favorite project so far? 
My favorite "project" is creating custom party favors! I just love creating something unique for a big event in someone's life. It doesn't matter whether the favors are for baby showers, weddings, slumber parties, office gifts....I love it all!

✩✩✩What is one thing you love to do to unwind?
To unwind, I like to knit, exercise, read, clean (yes, clean:) and be at home playing with my kids and cuddling with my hubby .

Source: via Shanna on Pinterest

✩✩✩You can find and follow Crimson Hill Soaps & Scents at the following links✩✩✩


I hope you stop by and check out all of the wonderful items she has for you!
You won't be disappointed!


  1. Thank you for the feature! I look forward to reading about the next shop:)

  2. I love the soap AND the lip balm! My daughters swipe the lip balm from me every time.

  3. Great feature! A couple of my kids have sensitive skin, and I bought some soap from this shop...The kids love it, and it's great on their skin! =)

  4. Hello, my name is Moana and I'm a lip balm addict. Since trying Crimsons products, I only purchase from her. I have purchased wonderful lotions, kid soaps and lip balms. Gonna try her carpet deodorizer today. You can't go wrong in purchasing from this wonderful seller.