Thursday, January 26, 2012

Etsy Rock Stars Feature Friday

Today's Feature Friday is....

Calico Palace Shop is a collaboration between a mom and her two daughters. 
Penny, Crystal, and Nicole.
They are located in Richmond,VA

✩✩✩ What is/was your inspiration?
We get a lot of our inspiration from Victorian, Rococo, and industrial steampunk fashions. 

✩✩✩ What is your favorite media and why?
We love metal and clay. Combining those two things is one of our favorite medias. I have to say that clock parts and cogs are also a b ig part of what we do. 

Source: via Shanna on Pinterest

✩✩✩ Where would you like to see yourself 5/10 years from now in this project?
I would love to do tons of conventions! We are aiming to be included in the Steampunk World fair within the next couple years, the waiting list is VERY long! 

✩✩✩ What has been your biggest challenge with your shop?
Finding time in our schedules to meet together and figure out exactly what our goals are. Making things is the easy part, its the work and planning that is the hard part.

Source: via Shanna on Pinterest

✩✩✩Do you have any keys of success to share?
Love everything you make; if you dont love it trash it and start over. Always be confident that each piece you make is the best. 

✩✩✩ Tell us one crazy thing about yourself.
We are all addicted to chocolate, when I say that it is not a 'oh we like chocolate" . I mean we will attack it with vigor. 

✩✩✩ What is something you would love to learn how to do?
Metal casting is something that we are really interested in. It is dangerous and complicated, but we really want to learn.

✩✩✩ What has been your favorite project so far?
All three of us teamed together to make 30 gift baskets for a local customer. It was a lot of fun figuring out what was going into the baskets, and working on them.

✩✩✩ What is one thing you love to do to unwind?
Sit with coffee and read a book. That goes for all three of us

Source: via Shanna on Pinterest

✩✩✩You can find and follow Calico Palace Shop at the following links✩✩✩


I hope you stop by and check out all of the wonderful creations these ladies have for you!


  1. Awesome interview!

    I'm so with you on the chocolate thing.

  2. Excellent feature & interview. My boys love the steampunk nerf guns!

  3. Awesome interview!! I love your watches. My kids and husband would love the guns to play nerf tag...